Warsaw Chemical offers car wash, maintenance cleaning and automotive detail products. Warsaw Chemical offers car wash, maintenance cleaning and automotive detail products.

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Warsaw Chemical Co. has developed an updated line of heavy-duty industrial hand cleaners for use with its GritMaster™ dispenser system. The GritMaster is a proprietary, heavy-duty, industrial dispenser for exclusive use with the GritMaster hand cleaner product line. All Gritmaster hand cleaners are packaged inour proprietary 4731ml (1.25 gallon) bottles. The updated lineup consists of the following five products:

Citra Clean
Heavy duty, waterless that contains a special blend of citrus oils to cut through and remove dirt, grease, grime, ink, carbon, paint, adhesives, and tar. It is fortified with skin conditioners to help skin retain its natural moisture and aloe vera that provides refreshing relief.

Natural Touch
Combines natural citrus oils and soybean oils with the scrubbing action of pumice to clean really dirty hands. Fortified with skin conditioners and aloe vera to maintain healthy skin.

Heavy duty, solvent-free. Will not dry, crack, whiten, or harm sensitive skin. Contains micro scrubbers to remove the toughest soils.

Maxi Blue
Low odor solvent. Contains a special blend of cleaning oils and orange terpenes to tackle the most stubborn industrial soils. Enriched with skin conditioners and aloe vera to protect hands from drying. Fortified with pumice.

Premium heavy duty industrial strength. Enriched with skin conditioners, solvents, and detergents to remove stubborn industrial soils. Contains micro scrubbers and pumice.

Cherry Scrub
Solvent-free cherry scented has tiny scrubbers that dig deep to remove tough soils without irritation. Contains a mild surfactant blend to emulsify stubborn soils. Synthetic detergents produce a rich lather to carry away the worst of soils. Rinses freely without leaving a soapy film on the hands.

Cherry Scrub Plus
Heavy duty industrial strength pumice hand cleaner designed to remove tough soils without irritation. Mild, low odor solvent formula has a pleasing cherry fragrance that effectively neutralizes residual odors of diesel and other petroleum products from hands. Formulated with emollients that prevent dryness, by replacing skin oils, leaving hands soft.

VOC Compliant

For more information contact Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc., P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Telephone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884.

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