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Formula 567
Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. introduces the new Formula 567 Weather Shield® Tri-Color® Foam PolishWeather Shield® Tri-Color®
Foam Polish

Weather Shield Foam Polish is the most technologically advanced foam polish in the market today. This revolutionary new formula incorporates the very latest advances in polymer chemistry technology. Foam polish contains surface reactive silicones and fluoro polymers which bond to vehicle surface for outstanding SHINE, PROTECTION,and WATER BREAK. Available in Sizzling Pink, Brilliant Blue, and Velocity Yellow and contains an invigorating Green Apple Scent.

Formula 573
Weather Shield® All Season Total Surface Protectant

A total vehicle surface protectant designed to repel water and deliver a high gloss shine and protection to vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, and chrome. Surface reactive silicones and fluoro polymers bond to vehicle surfacefor outstanding shine and protection. Offer your customers a premium service that provides lasting value with no added labor. Fresh Blueberry Scent.

Formula 580Formula 580 Weather Shield drying agent
Weather Shield® Drying Agent

Formulated with a unique polymer to create a fast water break to boost drying and provide a durable protection and shine. Reduces adhesion of dust and bugs to the vehicles surface, reduces damage from UV light, acid rain and rust, does not smear on glass or paint and is biodegradable. Featuring a fresh bubble scent, the drying agent is offered in 5 gallon plastic tightheads and in 15, 30 and 55 gallon plastic drums.

Low pH Detergents and Pre-Soaks for Automatic CarwashFormula 575
RECLAIM Car Wash Products  "The Solution"

The new generation in two-step cleaning. Exceptional low pH cleaner without the dangerous ingredients found in most low pH products. Superior removal of road film and windshield mask. Great foam show and refreshing citrus scent.

Whitewall Tire Cleaners for Self Service CarwashFormula 560
RECLAIM Car Wash Products  Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner Concentrate

Superb for safely cleaning all types of wheels (including chrome, aluminum, and magnesium), and whitewall tires. Removes brake dust instantly and makes whitewalls white again.

RECLAIM Car Wash Products  RECLAIM Compatible

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